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We're here for you

All of us here at Financial Independence wanted to touch base with you during this ever-changing situation. Our thoughts are with all of those that are suffering from the effects of this virus, within your businesses or personal lives.

We would like you to know that if you are suffering financial hardship, that there are options available to you that we can talk through. A number of the life insurance companies have come forward with options for premium holidays and/or policy suspensions. It may be wise to have your needs reviewed by an adviser to make sure levels are correct and relevant to your current situation.

As we all adjust to the new restrictions we want to let you know we are here for you

Our team is working remotely, and fortunately have the technology and tools to continue without any disturbances. We want you to know that for Financial Independence; it is business as usual. All of our staff are available to you by email or by phone. Meetings can also be arranged to be made via phone call or video conference.

We wish you all good health, please see the attachment below to see what you can do to keep yourself safe.


Can I still increase my life insurance or apply for new lie cover at this time?

Yes, you can and at this stage.... read all the FAQ's


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