Can I still increase my life insurance or apply for new life cover at this time?

Yes, you can and at this stage, there would continue to be no exclusion for a pandemic. There may be some exclusions applied if you plan to travel.

Is there an exclusion on life cover for Pandemics?

No there is not.


Will my Income protection cover me if I need to self-isolate?

No, your income cover will not pay unless you are off work due to illness or injury.

Will my income protection pay if I get sick with COVID-19? 

Yes, you would receive your income protection if you are unable to work due to any illness or injury, your cover would start after your 'wait period'.

Will my Business Interruption cover pay if I am unable to operate due to COVID-19?

No, there is a general exclusion for Pandemics on all of these policies.

If I have the COVID-19 vaccine will it null and void my cover?

No, the vaccine does not impact any in-force policy/cover.

What happens if I don't get the COVID-19 vaccine and I contract COVID-19 and am unable to work? Will my disability income cover me?

Yes, provided the illness lasts longer than the life assured's waiting period.

If I receive the COVID-19 vaccine and there are adverse side effects that result in me being unable to work or I become disabled, am I covered?

Yes, provided the illness or injury lasts longer than the life assured's waiting period.

If I get COVID-19 and need to be hospitalised, does my medical cover allow me to be treated privately rather than in a public hospital?

Due to current government restrictions, the expertise and resources for treating COVID-19 are in the public health system. As such, right now it is unlikely you would be able to access private healthcare options. If and when the situation eases and private hospital treatment becomes available, your Medical Cover would allow you to access this, but for now, most, if not all treatment is taking place in the public system.

Can I still get Travel Insurance?

Yes, you can get travel insurance, however, any loss including cancellation arising from Covid19 would not be covered. All other risks would be fully covered in the standard way.

Asteron Life Covid-19 FAQs