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Contents Cover


Many people are surprised to find that domestic contents cover is probably the cover type that varies most between one insurance policy and another.


Some things to consider include:

  • If my ring is lost, do I get replacement value or second-hand value? Do I have to note the value on the policy, or is there a high enough automatic limit that I am covered?

  • Some policies state that they are for replacement cover, but then only cover replacement for items such as furniture and appliances[AG1] . Some other assets, like tools, phones, etc., are covered only for their second-hand value.

  • Some policies will cover items when they are damaged only by certain events like fire, flood, storm, earthquake or burglary. Others will cover most loss except extreme situations such as war. Which way does your policy work?

  • What happens when you are moving or storing items? Are these covered?


We help ensure that these issues are known and addressed in advance, and that you don’t get surprises when you go to make a claim. It is easy to get cheap cover, but it is more important to make sure that it provides the protection you need and expect. It is important to us that every premium you pay is money wisely spent.

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