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What to do if you are not 100% satisfied?
No complaint is too small to us

We always aim to provide you with great service, but if you feel we’ve fallen short of this, or the insurance company has fallen short of your expectations, then we have a process in place to help resolve any issues.


This is very important to us, please do not feel afraid to speak up, some of the best changes come from a complaint or suggestion from a client. Our complaints process aims to address your concerns.

Step 1 – Let’s sort it out. Discuss your complaint with the person you’ve been dealing with and try to resolve it.

Call us on 07 5784414


Or come and see us.

Step 2 – Review

If your complaint is not resolved by Step 1, you can call, email, or arrange to see our complaints manager Alana Collinson or complete a Feedback Form, which details your concerns. Alana will look into your complaint and give you a written response.


Step 3 – Taking your complaint further

We are a Participant of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd Scheme ("FSCL Scheme")

You can refer your complaint to the FSCL Scheme if it has not been resolved after going through our complaints process. This is a free, independent dispute resolution service that will consider your complaint and, either reach an agreed outcome or make a decision.

Financial Services Complaints LTD

P O Box 5967

Lambton Quay

Wellington 6145

New Zealand

Freephone: 0800 347 257



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