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Income Protection


At Financial Independence we can show you how your ability to earn an income is your most important asset. Protecting this asset affordably and correctly is extremely important.


Relying on a benefit or ACC is not adequate if you wish to maintain the lifestyle that you currently lead. Income protection gives you the confidence that your lifestyle will continue should you become unwell.


Income protection cover will pay you a monthly amount, just like a salary, if you are unable to work. There are many ways to structure this type of insurance, and the advisers at Financial Independence will work with you to find the best solution.


  • We can set up your income protection insurance so that the premiums are claimable and offset your income tax each year.


  • We can set up cover that has no offset from other income, such as continued business income, ACC or sick leave.


  • If it is important to you that the cover will pay quickly, we can set it up with a short wait period. Alternatively, if you are able to cover your expenses for several months, we can alter your cover to reflect this, and reduce your premium accordingly.


We know that your income is vital to allow you to live your life today - and make plans for tomorrow.

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