Life Insurance

Life Insurance can provide some peace of mind, so you know that if the worst happens a lump sum of money will become available to your family, your business or to pay off debt.


We suggest that if you have a family, other dependents or debt, then life insurance is enormously important:


  • Your dependents can focus on living life without worrying about finances

  • Typically, your family can get quick access to immediate funds to cover funeral costs

  • They can stay in the family home - pay the mortgage or cover the rent

  • Children are provided for and can make future education plans such as going to university

  • The financial burden of ongoing day-to-day living expenses is taken care of 


One way to think about the need for life insurance is to ask yourself this: if you were to die early, what would be the financial impact on those you leave behind?


Life Insurance can also be an essential part of your business planning, enabling:


  • Business debt to be repaid/reduced

  • Shareholders to be bought out as per shareholder agreement


  • Ongoing profit of the business can be protected

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