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Commercial Vehicle Cover

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Vehicle insurance can be simple, or there can be significant complicating factors that dramatically alter the cover that you require. These issues include:


  • Are you dependent on a key vehicle for income, or to fulfil a contractual requirement? If so, then "loss of use" cover is important.

  • Do you have a specialised vehicle that also operates as plant? This may require specific cover for specialised equipment (hoists, for example).

  • If you have large fleet of vehicles, you may consider a profit share or "cost burner" option, which means you could reduce your premium in return for taking more risk in the value of your claims. 

  • Vehicle cover will also need to tie into the other cover you have in place, such as carrier liability, goods in transit cover and liability cover.

  • Large fleet operators may also benefit from higher excess options to reduce premium levels.


Reviewing your needs will ensure that these issues are addressed to your requirements, and your cover fits your tolerance of risk.

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