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Lets talk about level premiums

You have no doubt heard about level premiums, whether from your adviser, a friend, the radio, or an annoying telemarketer. Most will know how this works, but you may wonder if it will work for you. Let’s quickly run through how it works.

Level premiums do not increase each year due to your age or the current market rates. The premium is set at the time of application, and stays at that level month in, month out, until you no longer require the cover or make a claim.

  • You can cancel it any time - it is not a fixed contract

  • You can set the level of cover that you require

  • You set the level of premium that you can afford

So, how could this benefit you?

  • You will have peace of mind - that what you are paying for today will result in a claim being paid when needed - because you did not have to cancel due to increasing cost.

  • You will save money over the term of your life policy

  • You will know exactly how much to budget each month for your insurance.

  • You will not get to a stage where you have to consider ditching your cover due to premiums becoming unmanageably high.

Click here to find out how much money you could save by switching to level premium.

Level premiums

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