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Mental health - what it means to you and to insurance claims

Mental health has a significant effect on society and many of our clients, and just like a claim for cancer, the symptoms are not always easily fixed. Neither are they something that someone can put down and walk away from. Like any other disease the symptoms can sneak up on you and it can be just as scary when diagnosed. Likewise, the treatments are important to get onto early and for many, can take time and effort.

Claims for mental health and the care that goes into helping those suffering from mental health are important to both Financial Independence, as advisers, and the insurers. We would like to share with you 3 stories of claims from our clients that were affected by the illness. The identities of the clients are not disclosed in these stories.


These were the exact words I used when talking to one of my clients last year after she had suffered a sudden and tragic loss. The answer I got was, "not that great". This client was struggling to leave the house without panic attacks and was finding it increasingly hard to get to work and last the whole day. I suggested she go to see her doctor and be very honest about how she was feeling and coping. Having been a strong independent and capable lady, these things did not come easily, but opening up to her doctor triggered a series of events that saw her receive the help she needed to get through this time. This client was diagnosed with a mental health condition and it was advised by her doctor that she take some time off and seek help to work through this. Financial Independence was able to trigger a claim with her insurer under her Mortgage Protection policy, and after her stand down period she was paid a monthly amount which meant she was able to pay her mortgage. Not only did she receive her monthly amount from the insurer, but they also paid for the counselling she required until she was well enough to find herself employment again. This client is successfully working again and speaks very highly about the support she received during this time in her life.


Last year I had a call from a young client, a 24 year old male, who bought a new business and ended up struggling to maintain the high commitments to do the job week in week out. Initially this client was unable to perform 50% of his role due to depression and was able to go on a partial claim with his insurer under his Mortgage and Income Protection policy. He also received the counselling and treatment he needed.

Over time, sadly, he was not able to perform his role at all and progressed to a full claim. This client had a new Mortgage and would have struggled to maintain these payments if he did not have this cover. He is still on claim and receiving the help he needs to return to work. I ring this client regularly and am always so pleased to hear of his progress, he truly appreciates having the policy in place and the support that he has received so far.


This Client is a young man, 26 years old, who was having increasingly severe panic attacks, that were affecting his day to day life and creeping into his work day. He had a Mortgage and Income Protection policy, so I suggested to him that I call the insurer where his cover was placed and see if they would work with him to avoid a claim situation. The insurer agreed to pay for 10 sessions with a psychologist to help the client avoid a situation where the panic attacks took over. This client is doing great and it shows that early treatment can go a long way to avoid a more serious situation just like any illness.

Our role as your Insurance adviser:

We are here to help if you need to make a claim, whatever the reason.

If you do not have Mortgage or Income Protection and would like to know more, please let us know.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that the above clients did not think they would ever really need their cover, and we also know that they are enormously grateful for the support.

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