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With the support of triple0, you will have moved to arguably the most beautiful country in the world and no doubt hit the ground running in your new role, congratulations! Financial Independence considers it a privilege to join you on the next phase of your journey in New Zealand.

We are a full-service insurance brokerage that has been operating since the 1980s. We are well established as one of the leading independent brokerages for Medical Professionals around New Zealand, where we have a dedicated team who are highly regarded in this space.

Given what you do, we don’t have to explain how an unexpected illness or disability can disrupt your life and income-earning ability. Being on a VISA and as a non-New Zealand resident, this can come with its limitations to accessing services here. This is where private medical cover is of utmost importance while you are residing in New Zealand. You may also be surprised to know New Zealand ranks last in the OECD for medicine access, so obtaining insurance coverage with non-Pharmac provisions is essential.

Please consider uplifting your medical records before departing and once you have landed make sure you register yourself with a local GP. We will then be in touch to discuss your insurance needs. Our service doesn’t cost you anything, we are all salaried Adviser’s so you can rest assured that we always have your best interests at the forefront of our advice. Financial Independence prides our partnerships on becoming long-term relationships, and we look forward to this being with you and your family.


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