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Our Medical Team

Medical professionals understand first-hand how an unexpected illness or disability can disrupt a person’s life and income earning ability. You will have invested years of hard work, time, and money to get to where you are, so protecting your future earning potential is an important discussion to be had. We also don’t need to explain to you that New Zealand ranks last in the OECD for medicine access, so ensuring you have provisions for non-Pharmac drugs is another reason why we are contacted daily by medical professionals. We do the research you don’t have time for, we keep your needs at the forefront of our advice, and we have strong relationships with the entire market of insurers to ensure best the available outcomes.

Steve Freeman has built a team at Financial Independence to support a nation of medical professionals with their personal insurances. Steve, James and the Medical Team at Financial Independence consider it a privilege to be so highly regarded in this space. We pride ourselves on truly understanding what you do and enjoy our partnerships becoming long relationships.

25+ years experience

Level 5 Financial Services

Industry legend

Bachelor of Commerce

Chartered Accountant

Level 5 Financial Services

Level 5 Financial Services

25+ years experience in

investments and insurance

BSc with Honours

Previous Senior Underwriter

Speaks your language

Administrative Superstar

Our team's backbone

Patience of a saint

Administrative Support

Jill of All Trades


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