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My favourite thing about getting older is getting wiser, I figure that we have some clients that understand the beauty of this too. We can look back on the past and have hindsight which means we know some things that weren’t so clear when we were young. Wishing you had leveled your Life Insurance premiums when you were young, so that they don’t continue to go up each year, may not be the most interesting hindsight you can boast, but it is an important one to share. Maybe you have done this and are grateful that you did? I met with a client recently, who had leveled some Life Insurance premiums when she was only 16. She said she remembers her Father “marching” her into the Insurance Brokers office and she was thinking, "what on earth do I need life cover for?". But out of respect for her Dad she put in place $300,000 of life cover for $5.45 per month. She’s 35 now, with children and a mortgage and is laughing that her life cover is so cheap compared to what she would have to pay now. Her advice is, just do it - and tell your kids to do it. This leads me to think that there are probably some people in your life that you could impart this hindsight and wisdom to. It’s important to us that people understand their options and that there are ways to avoid escalating premiums. We can work with anyone to level their premiums, but the very best time to do this is when you are young. You may know someone that this advice and your hindsight could help.

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