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Toot if you see our car

You may have noticed a Financial Independence branded car busy working all over town and thought, "man that person works hard". But in fact, we have recently increased our fleet of Financial Independence cars from 2 to 8 to help us reach customers all over the North Island.

2017 has seen our team grow again with the addition of Neil Boyes, Joyce McInally, Jude Stowe, James Jenkin and Sarah Morris.

All of our team members have been busy this year:

  • Helping many of our clients with claims for assets and business, plus health and disability

  • Our team has been advising current and new clients on the best Insurance policies

  • And we raised some serious funds for charity by:

  • Continuing to support the Cambodia Charitable Trust, donating to the Tauranga Food Bank and having a charity dinner and auction for Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust.

We would like to say thanks for the increasing number of referrals coming off the back of our great service.

And please, if you see our team somewhere in the community, be sure to toot to let us know you’ve seen us.

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