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The 4 Steve's

Lots of people like to collect things, my mum had an elephant collection when I was a child, it happened accidentally, with people continuing to supply cute elephants, little blue glass elephants or hand carved wood elephants. Not sure that mum had intended this collection, but each one was special because it was a gift. Financial Independence has also ‘accidentally’ started a collection of its own. We just seem to love our Steve’s. We started with one and just kept adding until we had the perfect mix of Steve’s that love what they do.

How to tell our Steve’s apart:

Steve Freeman is both our original Steve and company director. He specialises in working with Medical professionals and travels the country to make sure that he can spread his experience in this industry to all from that field. Find out more about Steve Freeman…….

Steve Hart is one of our Life advisers who uses his years of experience to help all types of people in Tauranga and beyond. He also specialises in those that work on the land, from farmers to orchard owners. Find out more about Steve Hart……..

Steve Morgan is another one of our Life advisers who not only visits Families and Individuals for their insurance needs, but also specialises in giving advice to business owners. He works with both small and large companies, he also gives advice on Group insurance for their employees. Find out more about Steve Morgan……..

Steve Rogers, last but not least, we collected Steve at the end of 2016 to add a very valuable senior adviser to our growing Fire and General team. Steve has a wealth of experience and we could not help but add him to our collection of Steve’s. Find out more about Steve Rogers……

So, feel free to ring and talk to a Steve, we’ll help find the right Steve for you.

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