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What will your new house look like?

Back in 2013, house insurance changed a bit. A campaign was launched and we were all told to make sure that we had the figures right for our house insurance.

Up until then, the insurance companies used one simple figure to calculate your sum insured - which was the floor area of your house. This was too variable and didn't allow for 'the extras' such as retaining walls, pathways etc. so they had to change things around.

The insurance companies leave it to you to value your house and property correctly and fortunately there are a number of calculators online that you can use.

A recent New Zealand Treasury report shows us that New Zealanders are still under-insured which means not all of us will have enough to adequately rebuild our house.

We don't want this to be you! So, if you haven't already, we encourage you to take a moment to calculate the replacement cost of your house so that you aren't left short. Our favorite calculator is at

It wont take you too long and is fairly simple, but we're happy to run through it with you if you get stuck.

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