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Christmas hours

Closed 12:00 pm Friday the 22nd of December
Reopen 8:30 am Monday the 8th of January

For matters of urgency during this time please contact the following:

For Commercial assets, liability, vehicles, and boats
Sara King 027 3765583
Joyce McInally 027 7766049
or Steve Rogers
 027 2947027

For Life, Disability, and Medical Insurance claims:
Phone Alana 027 541 6868
Company contact details:
Fidelity Life 0800 88 22 88               
Partners life 0800 145 433                
AIA 0800 500 108                          
Asteron 0800 808 106
Southern Cross 0800 800 181
Nib 0800 238 642
Chubb Life 0508 464 999

Financial Independence is an Insurance Brokerage that has been operating since the 1980’s. Since then team members have changed, but the fundamentals of what we do have not. We continue to gather together like-minded people and help protect people’s lives.


Financial Independence has team members that have been with the company for more than 20 years, as well as fresh faces bringing new ideas to the business. The longevity of the team reflects the family atmosphere that has been created by the directors Matt, Steve and Ben. Financial Independence is a professional but fun and caring place to work, and this atmosphere radiates to our clients.

We know and understand the different insurance policies available and which is the best for your unique life.

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We think our team of insurance specialists and customer care staff is the best. 


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