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Kyle Lewis

Insurance Adviser FSP# 749052

027 227 4228

Kyle Lewis

We welcomed Kyle to our team at the beginning of 2023. We are thrilled to have him and feel his background as a lawyer and insurance experience will see our clients covered with the very best of care and expertise. 

​He cares deeply about client/adviser relationships and wants to make sure that, although he can navigate his way through some serious policy wording with ease, his main objective is to get to know his clients and let them know that he is here for them when it counts.

​Kyle is a real foodie and has a passion for cooking, he also enjoys a red wine or two. Going out to enjoy a decent restaurant is at the top of his list over a weekend, followed by the required fitness activity to counteract that love of great food! We love this healthy balance, and it fits right in with our company values.

If you are up for a round of golf Kyle will be there and loves to get on the course as much as he can.

​Kyle holds a Level 5 - New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services

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