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Matthew Beattie

Matthew has worked in the industry since 1997, and is an incredibly systematic and thorough adviser. As the industry has changed, he has advanced his studies to make sure that his education keeps him at the top of his field.


This same discipline rolls over to his advising style, and you will find his advice robust and able to stand the tests of both time and claims experience. It is his goal to ensure that his clients have cover that lasts their lifetime and pays the full amounts available to them.


Over the years Matt has worked with a huge variety of clients, from families and career people to small and large businesses. He is a family man himself, and you may even catch him cycling around Tauranga in training for an event. Tour de France is his current goal.


Matthew has achieved the following qualifications and awards:

  • Certificate in Business Insurance 2005

  • Certificate in Business Financial Services April 2004

  • Life Brokers Association (LBA) Broker Development Award 2005

  • Fellow of NZ Financial Advisers Association (NZFAA)

Matthew Beattie

 “Matt's knowledge and attention to detail means that the best outcome is assured”

FSP# 92002
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