Kaikoura Earthquake Claims

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent earthquakes. If you are in the affected areas, there may be earthquake support available. If you are not in the area, you may know someone that could benefit from the following information.

For any damage to commercial property


We recommend when it is safe to do so that you take photos of any damaged property including any assets that need to be thrown out such as refrigerated goods that have spoiled. Please keep a list of damaged property.


We recommend that you undertake any Urgent or ‘emergency’ repairs that are needed to make your property safe and prevent further immediate damage.

Please retain all invoices for any expenses incurred or if you have a business interruption coverage any record of sales you lose.  

Important: Don’t start permanent repairs until your insurer has accepted your claim.


If Financial Independence takes care of your insurance, please contact us for any assistance. We are here to help and make this as quick and easy as possible.


Domestic house or contents please contact the EQC as below:


For domestic property EQC cover the first $100k for House and $20k for Contents damage. Customers can lodge claim with EQC either online or by making a phone call as listed below. You will need to make separate claims for House and for Contents. If you require your policy number it will be on the front of your most recent invoice.



Phone: 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)


Carry out urgent repairs:

Urgent or ‘emergency’ repairs are work that’s needed to make your home safe, sanitary, secure and weather tight. After a natural disaster, you should first do all that you can safely do yourself to make your home habitable and protect it from further damage.


You can:

  • Get essential services like toilets and water systems repaired immediately, but you should keep, document or record everything the repairer replaces (and keep a copy of the bill).

  • Clean up spillages of crockery and glass breakages (but you shouldn't throw anything non-perishable away yet).

  • Dispose of perishables like ruined or spilt food. You should list the items as you dispose of them.


If possible, take photos before moving and repairing anything.


Any reimbursement for temporary or urgent repairs is, of course, subject to EQC acceptance of a valid claim.

If accepted, the cost will be deducted from any total amount owed to you under EQC cover.


Important: Don’t start permanent repairs until your EQC claim has been settled.

I note that there are some assets not covered by the EQC such as decks, swimming pools and fences which are claimable through your private insurer (normally with a $5,000 excess for damage to those items). For these losses or losses greater than the limits above a separate claim will need to be submitted through us and your private insurer.

If Financial Independence looks after your insurance cover, we are here to help so give us a call.


If you have your insurance through Financial Independence, our specialist fire and general team are all here to support you with your claims.

Their combined experience can help you with a smooth claim

If you have a claim, please contact your adviser


Or you can call 

Contact our Claims specialists


Premium assistance from life and disability insurers

Some of the life and disability insurance companies offer premium relief in times like these. 

Fidelity Life, for example, have offered to give their affected clients a 3-month holiday in premium while keeping the benefits of the cover in place, if the client is suffering financial hardship.

Most life and disability insurance companies have a facility to suspend cover/premiums on certain products, due to financial hardship. The policy can then be restarted up to 12 months later, with no medical underwriting.

Bottom line, is that we are here for you if you should need some support right now. Please call the team here at Financial Independence and we will see what we can do and what is available for you. Feel free to pass this information on to people you know that could use a little help right now.