Welcome to the Capes employee benefits scheme


As part of being on the team at Capes Medical supplies, you will receive some fantastic benefits:

Medical Cover -​ You will be covered from the start date of your employment. Capes will cover the cost of this, and you will have all of your pre-existing conditions covered.


The awesome news is that you can also add family members to the policy and they will get the benefits of pre-existing conditions automatically covered, you will pay the premium for your partner and family. Ask for a quote here. (you only have 90 days to add your family to the cover after you are eligible to join)

Lump-Sum Insurance Coverage - Life, Trauma and Total & Permanent Disability.

Capes will cover the cost of this, and you will have all of your pre-existing conditions covered. (please note, there is no opportunity to add your family to this cover.)

Please click on the benefit below to read the policy document and see what you are covered for.



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If you leave your employment

We think your boss is awesome to provide you with such a great opportunity to have insurance coverage that you may not otherwise have. Also giving you access to cover that includes pre-existing conditions can be truly priceless.

However, should you, for whatever reason, decide to leave your current workplace, you may be able to take this cover with you and continue to have all the amazing benefits that your employer has acquired for you. You just have to let us know so that we can provide you with a quote for the cost this would be to you. You would not have to go through underwriting and you may be able to keep the pre-existing condition cover.

You can call the office 07 5784414
Or contact your adviser directly to help you look at this option.

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